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Thanks, I'd rather play Crossout

Nice Job!!

Se parece a pixel gun XD


why get apk pc

can you pls make win 32 bit version

como juego plis alguien digame plox



They removed the facebook version? i losted everything what i had on facebook? 


plz make it for pc! 


please make it for pc

Infinite Games Studio, Hello Update the facebook game for computer Please

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can you please make this be a pc not apk look awsome dude gameplay minecraft!!


it says it cannot be opened because there is nothing to run it HELP

Will you be making a version for windows?

Unfortunately, we are not planning this anytime soon.

Awww! :( Maybe in future

Please make this pc not apk i love this its awsome i like this cool gameplay minecraft!!

how do you change guns ?

how do you change guns ?


How u can publish game on


i think its when you creat an acount you can check if you want o publish game

Ok thank u

ah and on the right of your nick name you have a little arow and the option upload new project is in